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SCV Wellness Center 1

SVC Wellness Center

Complete therapy for the body and mind.

Marketing Plan for SCV Wellness Center

Complete therapy for the body and mind.

Anacleto Isaias

Marketing Management – MM522

Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University- Sherman Oaks Campus

SCV Wellness Center 2

1.0 Executive Summary ….

2.0 Situation Analysis

SCV Wellness Center offers a place where people who are suffering from physical and mental trauma can go for complete therapy treatment. All too often when trauma accrues patients and doctors focus only on the external physical damage left from their experience but the emotional and mental damage can be just as severe. SCV Wellness Center provides complete therapy for both the physical and mental scars left from trauma.

2.1 Market Summary

SCV Wellness Center provides complete trauma therapy for men and women in the Santa Clarita Valley area who suffer from trauma related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We will also treat patients who require physical or psychological therapy due to stress and or injury.

2.1.1 Market Demographics

Our critical market segment will include veterans returning from war who are having difficulty adjusting to the physical and or psychological damage suffered during their tour of duty.

2.1.2 Market Needs

SCV Wellness Center will provide a wide variety of therapy services, including Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech-Language therapy, and Massage. We will also offer counseling by licensed therapist for depression, anger management, anxiety disorder, and a variety of other stress related issues.…...

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