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The Great No-No
If you picked up this book because of difficulties in your own relationship, then your simple act indicates two important things about you. First, it signifies that you’re feeling some pain. I’m not talking about the obviously physical, just-cut-your-finger kind of pain. I’m talking about the kind of pain that hurts somewhere in your spirit. But even though your pain is spiritual, it can still be described in physical terms. If your relationship is in acute crisis, then the pain may feel sharp and piercing. Or if your frustration is chronic, then the pain may feel like a dull ache or perhaps an empty, hungry kind of sensation. Another possibility is a stifling, suffocating kind of feeling. You may associate it with your chest, your heart, the pit of your stomach, the back of your neck or even your head. But wherever you feel it, whether it’s subtle or intense, you’re still feeling some form of pain. You may also have the disturbing sense that your life wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. You started this marriage with dreams that you hoped your relationship would fulfill. You wanted love, respect, and a soul-mate with whom you could share life’s experiences. You not only wanted to be nurtured, but you wanted to be appreciated for being the loving person you always knew you could be. You wanted the opportunity to let your love unfold, and now you fear that the opportunity is passing you by. The second thing indicated by your picking up this book is that you still harbor hope. Maybe it’s not a lot of hope. Perhaps it’s just the tiniest fraction of hope. However, it’s still hope. After all, this isn’t a book about divorce. And you’re probably also hoping that this book will offer you tools that are effective. You want this help to be practical because you’re concerned about results. You’re probably tired of skimming the plethora of self-help books…...

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...our society has changed. Even for some, the definition of marriage, a covenant before God between one man and one woman, is also being challenged by gay rights activists. As man has evolved in his practice of Christianity, no longer being bound by the Mosaic law, has God changed his purpose for marriage? We know him to be, according to Psalm 102:27, a spiritual being who will never change or end. As God never changes neither does his definition of marriage. I will prove that the sanctity of marriage should be upheld as the standard of Christianity between one man and one woman. Marriage is a covenant before God. It is consummated by sexual intercourse between the man and the woman. Andreas Köstenberger, author of God, Marriage, and Family, advises on five marital concepts to which all Godly relationships must commit. First, marriage is permanent. Divorce is not an option except in certain circumstances advised by Jesus in Matthew 19:9 Those seeking to marry should seek out wise counsel. Second, marriage is sacred before God and he honors it because he created it. Next, marriage is the most intimate relationship two people can have. The “one flesh” suggests emotional and sexual intimacy as to people become one. God designed for the marriage bed to be pleasurable. Further, marriage is a selfless act. It is the concern and well-being of the other committed person. It is what Paul discussed in 1 Corinthians 13. Love is patient and kind. It is not......

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