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The new firmware adds numerous functions to the router. To setup a Linksys router with a DSL connection you need to perform six steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Downloading the Firmware Backing-Up the Router's Settings Upgrading the Router's Firmware Completing the Firmware Upgrade Restoring the Router's Settings Completing the Firmware Upgrade Process

Downloading the Firmware Step 1: Before downloading the firmware, make sure your computer has an active Internet connection. If your computer is plugged directly into the router and cannot get online, disconnect your router and plug your computer directly into your cable or DSL modem. Step 2: Click on the Select Your Version drop-down menu and select the version of your router. NOTE: In this example, we used WRT160N. The image may vary depending on the model number of the Linksys product.

Step 3: Click Download under Firmware to download the latest firmware for your router.

Step 4: Click Save in the File Download dialog box that appears. Look for the Save As dialog box, choose a location for the file like the Desktop and click Save. When the download is complete, click Close, if prompted.

If you're using Mac, it will automatically download and unzip the file and save it on Downloads folder.

NOTE: The name of the file may vary depending on the firmware file of your router. Step 5: If the firmware file you have downloaded is on a zip format, double-click on the zip file and extract its contents to a single folder or to the Desktop. NOTE: You will need to use a utility to open and extract files from the ZIP file archive. Popular software to use is WinZip®. To download WinZip®, visit You can also use the built-in unzipping features of Windows XP to unzip the contents from the archive.

NOTE: If you're using Mac, it will automatically unzip the file because Mac has a builtin unzipping…...

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...Management is every where- office, hospital, school, Finance, trust. Management is basically planning, organizing, coordinating , Directing, Assessing, Correcting, Motivating and Achieving a set goal. It is objective oriented. We always have a doubt whether it is an art or science. It is the oldest of arts and youngest of science, because it is of dynamic nature. Different Managements needs different approaches: for example Business Management and Personnel Management are based on Common principles but vary a lot in the approach. Economist say Management is a Factor of Production: Socialist views it as a Group of People, others say that it is a process; Mary Parkar says “Management in its true sense, a process by which an organization realizes its objectives in a planned manner”. Management is all about great ideas, people and achievements; though there are many definitions of Management no single definition is universally accepted, as it changes from situation to situation, industry to industry, it has got different dimensions and hence cannot be defined precisely as a Scientific Theory or Law; James A.F says “ Management is the process of Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling efforts of organization members and of using all other organizational resources to achieve predetermined Organizational goals Dr James Lundy’s views : Management is a task of Planning, Coordinating, Motivating and Controlling the efforts of others towards specific objectives”. According......

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