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Human Resource Management

Part One:
Multiple choices:

1. It is a cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one’s own culture as superior to others.

a. Geocentrism

b. Polycentrism

c. Ethnocentrism

d. Egocentrism

2. It is the systemic study of job requirements & those factors that influence the performance of those job requirements.

a. Job analysis

b. Job rotation

c. Job circulation

d. Job description

3. This Act provides an assistance for minimum statutory wages for scheduled employment

a. Payment of Wages Act, 1936

b. Minimum Wages Act, 1948

c. Factories Act, 1948

d. Payment of Gratuity act, 1972

4. __________ is the actual posting of an employee to a specific job.

a. Induction

b. Placement

c. Attrition

d. None of the above

5. Broadening an individual’s knowledge, skills & abilities for future responsibilities is known as:

a. Training

b. Development

c. Education

d. Mentoring

6. Change that is designed and implemented in an orderly and timely fashion in anticipation of future events.

a. Planned change

b. Technology change

c. Structural change

d. None of the above

7. It is a process for setting goals and monitoring progress towards achieving those goals:

a. Performance appraisal

b. Performance gap

c. Performance factor

d. Performance management system

8. A method which requires the rates to provide a subjective performance evaluation along a scale from low to high.

a. Assessment centre

b. Checklist

c. Rating scale

d. Monitoring

9. It is the sum of knowledge, skills, attitudes, commitment, values and the liking of the people in an organization.

a. Human resources

b. Personal management

c. Human resource management

d. Productivity

10. A learning exercise representing a…...

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