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Currently, there is no one definition of a boutique hotel; however, most people think of a boutique hotel as a small, upscale hotel with a hip environment where the customers feel connected to the staff.

The beauty of the boutique segment is that it provides a wide range of opportunity for developers. Unlike the name implies, boutique properties no longer have to be small to fit into the category; they can have hundreds of rooms. What hotels do need to have to enter into the expanding segment is panache, some roster of unique features, services, or amenities that sets them apart and easily confirms that sense of exclusivity upon guests by association.

-Stefani C. O'Connor, Executive News Editor, Hotel Business, 10/06[1]

Even though people seem to disagree on the definition of boutique hotels, most commentators agree that they have four major defining characteristics.

First, as a general rule, boutique hotels put more emphasis on design and architecture than traditional chain hotels.[2] Incorporating cutting-edge design and decor and featuring celebrity architects and designers' work, boutique hotels look very distinctive inside and outside. These interior and exterior designs create the "personality" or "identity" of each hotel.[3] For example, each guest room in Library Hotel in New York City has a different theme, such as romance and music. The goal of these hotels is to create a unique, intimate, and stylish environment that makes every single stay different, even for repeat guests. Boutique hotels try to entertain their guests by creating a theatrical atmosphere that attracts all the senses though the use of design, color, lighting, aroma, and music.[4]

The second common feature is superior personal service.[5] Intimacy and familiarity between hotel staff and guests are emphasized; for example, a warm,…...

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