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In-Person Almost all of McBride’s offices lack proper security features that will protect client information from being stolen. All buildings located in each of the eight offices lack any sort of surveillance equipment. Because of this, hallways, offices, cubicles, and the parking area are not monitored for potential criminal activity. There are also no security measures in place that protect against unauthorized access into offices or cubicle spaces, as most of the offices and spaces are either unlocked or open. Additionally, even though visitor passes are given to guests upon their arrival at any McBride location, there is no real method to monitor the identity of each person entering or leaving McBride locations. This presents a serious threat to personal security as anyone can enter a building without being properly identified. Lastly, employee access is not restricted or controlled. All employees have access to anywhere and anything within the confines of each building, including sensitive client information (Apollo Group, 2005).
Conducting business online opens a new set of challenges as information is available for anyone who wants it. McBride does not have any sort of security measures in place on their network, which would include passwords, anti-virus software, firewalls, and encryption. There are also no security notifications on the website that advise a customer that their information is secure when pressing the “Submit” button during the completion of their loan application. This lack in the basic network security features opens up McBride to potential hacking and theft of client information, as well as potential lawsuits from those same clients whose information may be stolen. Furthermore, no backup system or database has been installed that would protect customer information in the event of such theft or other unforeseen incident,…...

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