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Everyone love’s hamburgers, in America more than 130 hamburgers are sold by second. In Ecuador we have 2 big representative brands of American’s hamburgers, burger king and McDonalds, they offer a huge variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and desserts, but they are both known because of their cheeseburger, which is a sandwich consisting in a cooked ground meat with cheddar cheese in a sliced bread roll.

When we walk into any these restaurants we usually find many people eating a regular size or big size hamburger with a huge soda and French fries, with many suggestions telling “99 cents cheeseburger” and other catchy suggestions. This doesn’t happen just in Ecuador, it happen around the world specially in America, and the only reason we can find the same scene in any McDonalds or Burger king restaurant is because people look for a quick delicious and cheap meal.

Synonym of cheap and quick is “junk food” and it is exactly the term that defines McDonalds and Burger king cheeseburger. When you travel around the world you will find McDonalds or Burger king cheeseburger is exactly the same flavor and it is because everything pass through a freezing proses which make the food loses all its nutrients. Junk food affects directly to your body in short and long term consequences such as: lack of energy, heart diseases, high cholesterol, poor concentration, and obesity.

Nutrition facts in both hamburgers are totally different considering McDonald’s Cheeseburger less harmful than burger king’s one. McDonald’s cheeseburger has 300 calories, 790mg of sodium and 14g of total fat while burger king’s cheeseburger has 360 calories, 810 mg of sodium and 20g of total fat.

Another big difference is the ingredients they use to make their cheeseburger totally different from others. McDonald’s cheeseburger takes a huge…...

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...McDonalds: Operating in the Best Interests of Society or its own Profits? Marc Nettekoven Florida Atlantic University Professor Brenda Richey MAN 6937 December 7, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Company Changes 3 Competition 7 Consumer Protection & Regulation 8 Corporate Social Responsibility 10 Conclusion 11 Appendix 12 References 13 McDonalds: Operating in the Best Interests of Society or its own Profits? Today, there are numerous other fast food chains and similar alternatives for consumers to choose from beyond the option of McDonalds. Due to increasing levels of competition, rising concerns of food quality and increasing concern of obesity; operating in today’s globalized fast food society can deem to be a difficult task. McDonalds needs to broaden its narrow-minded focus on generating profits (expanding its location base) and adding more locations. The company needs to increase market share while building a good reputation by operating in, and contributing to, the best interest of society. When referring to society, it includes all stakeholders in the company, ranging from customers to suppliers. To realign its strategy and focus on ethicality and its responsibility as a corporation, McDonalds must involve all levels within the company, from top management to suppliers to franchise employees. Although operating in such a manner would require large levels of capital, the benefits to society as a whole would inevitably bring......

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