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McGee Carpet and Trim
Unit 3 Assignment

Andrea McGee from McGee Carpet and Trim, who installs carpets in commercial offices, is troubled about the total time it took in numerous of the latest jobs. By using Program Evaluation Review Estimate she can compute the time that each activity would take. This paper will discuss project management, implementing change, and evaluating the techniques of the firm’s goals.

McGee Carpet and Trim
McGee Carpet and Trim is a business that installs carpet into commercial businesses. Several of their recent jobs have taken longer than expected and Andrea McGee is concerned with her unreliable employees. Andrea would like to find out if her employees are working hard or not. The steps to take in finding out is first get the optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely times of each activity.
Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) is a technique that estimates the amount of time an activity with take based on its optimistic, pessimistic, and mostly likely times when it is uncertain of the individual activity estimates. The PERT formula is tE = (tO + 4tM + tP) /6. The Expected activity duration (tE) equals the Optimistic activity duration (tO) plus four times the Most likely activity duration (tM) plus the Pessimistic activity duration (tP) divided by six (A Guide, 2008).

Activities OT MT PT PERT
1 4 6 14 7
2 5 12 16 11.5
3 7 15 23 15
4 13 16 28 17.5
5 17 20 35 22
6 20 32 50 33
7 5 6 13 7

The work is not likely to be finished in 40 days because part two can only be done after part one is done and part seven can only be done after parts three, four, and five are done, therefore parts one, two, and seven can be added and make those parts of the project 47 days in total. Project Management is applying the tools, knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities to meet the…...

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