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Erich Fromm, (Sigmund Frued's Misson, 1959) said that "The individual in any given society represses the awareness of those feelings and fantasies which are incompatible with the thought patterns of his society." In the film Zelig (Directed by Woody Allen in 1983), Leonard Zelig changes his characteristics to resemble the people around him because he wants to be accepted. Fromm would explain Zelig's physical transformations to be the result of his fear of becoming rejected and alone. Fromm would state that what causes Zelig to transform himself to have comparable characteristics as the people around him would be the result of Zelig's desire to be accepted as one of the group (In society). He said that "The force affecting this repression is the fear of being isolated and of becoming an outcast..." When Zelig changes himself, he feels a sense of security and equality. But because of this desire to fit in, he doesn't act like himself. He won't voice his oppinions or even physically look like himself around others because of his fear. Zelig said "It is safe to be like the others. I want to be liked' This would be the result of him being afraid that he might have thoughts and feelings that nobody would relate to or share. Consequently this makes Zelig hide who he truly is to become what he thinks will please the people around him. As a result of Zelig's behavior, Fromm would explain that to understand what causes this characteristic change, you would need someone who thinks outside of society's normal thought patterns. The person he is refering to in this case would be a psychoanalyst. Fromm mentions that "... it is imperative for the psychoanalyst to transcend the thought patterns of his society..." This is very important to have someone that looks beyond what is normal in society, because it gives them an insightful observation and understanding of who they are…...

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