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Measuring Success – All Smile Toothpaste:
As a Canadian company distributing, and now manufacturing, in an international market it is important to understand how our company measures success. Our two measures of success will be based on quantitative data. These two measures are, 1) the percentage of market share we control in the countries we operate in, and 2) net contribution margin. All Smile will focus on various key performance indicators (KPIs) which have five mutual qualities: they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. KPIs will help our company measure the total effectiveness of our manufacturing and distribution tactics.
Our company strives to align our corporate goals with our performance measures. We understand that when our goals align with our KPIs our effectiveness and efficiency will be greater than our competitors and will give All Smile a competitive advantage. Our corporate mission is to increase profitability for All Smile shareholders while building a reputable brand image in the newly emerging Asian market and serving customers with the best price and quality available. We hope to achieve our mission through the development of our SKU’s in new markets, maximizing profit margins through manufacturing cost reduction, and increasing our market share through aggressive advertising campaigns and offering sufficient product variations.
We are currently positioned in the Chinese market, and we strive to continue our growth and within the next 2-3years be able to successfully integrate into other regionally markets such as India, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and South Korea.
All Smile has specific measures of success for both market share and net contribution margin. For market share, we require a 20-25% share of each market that we operate in. By the end of Year 3 we should have achieved this goal in China. After…...

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