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Immigration is the movement of people between different countries. The constant movement of peoples has been common throughout human history. However, modern immigration requires long-term, legal, permanent residence. Short-term visitors and tourists are not considered immigrants. Immigration through international borders that violates the laws of the destination country is considered illegal immigration. An illegal immigrant is a foreign person whom either illegally crossed an international political border or a foreign person who legally entered a country but overstayed their visa in order to live or work in the country. Seasonal labour migration like Mexican fruit pickers, are considered non-permanent immigrants in nature but are still treated as a form of immigration (
Immigrants are handy victims for the problems in local communities all over, problems such as crime to overfilled schools. Legal immigrants are victims of this mindset, in spite of immigration note being the root cause or even a major factor in any of the issues. Immigration has always been an issue. Those making up the majority of the population are all immigrants from other nations, having descended from those who immigrated here over the course of the last 400 years. Some of the areas in which Hispanic immigrants are most numerous were at one point the property of the Hispanic nation of Mexico. Immigrants built this country, and certain segments of the immigrants have always been accused of ruining this country.
Recently, Arizona passed a law, SB 1070, which requires the police to question the legal status of those they suspect are undocumented immigrants. Additionally, it sets the official immigration police as ‘attrition through enforcement’, stating that they intend to be so harsh that immigrants flee in fear. (Martinez, 2011).
Currently, the law is on…...

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