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Decision-Making Case Study
Bonny Kimberlin
February 11, 2013
Vinnette Batiste

Decision-Making Case Study The truth of the matter is there is no longer such a thing as “middle class” Americans. The sad reality is either one lives in the low-income bracket living check-to-check, or one lives with no worries in the world. Even more sad, is that the lower-income class bracket also includes the elderly, disabled, homeless, and unemployed. Not to sway away from subject but this country allows men and women to gross millions, some even billions of dollars to hit a ball-around a big stadium, or a puck around on an ice-rink; and yet government insurances scrutinize a doctor’s request for an elderly or disabled person to receive a wheelchair. There is something seriously wrong with this picture. Another perfect example a brain surgeon, and scientist making less salary than a baseball player and yet they save lives, and find cures. Many become angry at the mere thought of the homeless, disabled, and mentally ill leaving on the streets, and yet it seems the one program that helps the lower-income bracket Americans is the one program that keeps receiving budget cuts, restraints, and reduction in services. Affect of Budget Cuts According to Curry (2013), “The new health reform is said to bring “massive automatic cuts” and “deep indiscriminate cuts” too so many departments and programs it is a wonder doctors or organizations can provide proper care, and service (p. 1). Of course, like many county clinics budget cuts did not discriminate against Clair County Clinic Medicaid clients who will see a 15% budget cut in the services and programs that Medicaid offer. This average size clinic provides service and care to a large volume of Medicaid patients. The constant budget cuts and restraints are leaving…...

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