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Medical Marijuana
Throughout the world there have been many different studies on how to cure illness that have led to a medication called Medical Marijuana. Medications are not very effective as they can have many side effects, a very possible addiction problem, and/or death. Prescriptions are all meant to help cure one thing, but they may have many or few consequences, such as liver failure from taking too many of one prescribed medications. The same consequence and many others can be associated with alcohol as well as prescribed medications. However, now there is a new drug that has been known from studies to have a 0% death rate that is introduced in 20 states. This new drug is called Medical Marijuana. New York State’s passage of the bill is to allow New York State Residents the right to use/possess Medical Marijuana and will allow a new medicine with less consequences into the state and bring growth and profit as well.
There are many states trying to get themselves out of debt and legalizing marijuana seems to be an efficient way of doing that. Bill # S02774A and Bill # A03802 are two of the bills going to the New York State Senate and the State Legislature to be passed to allow Medical Marijuana in the state of New York. With the Senate and State Assembly passing with votes of 42 in the Senate winning that vote, and 48 in the State Assembly winning the final vote to carry the bill further through the process. Currently the bills are sitting at the desk of the NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, awaiting his Signature of Approval or Denial. The approval rate is the highest it has been in three years, at 85% to 15% for allowing Medical Marijuana into the state. Upon these bills passing they will create a new cash crop for the state of New York, and bring New York out of debt and clean up its…...

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...recovery back in to the market. Living in California I have seen businesses fail and thrive all because of many different factors. One market that has caught my attention is the legalization of marijuana. In July of 2012 City of Los Angeles put a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Now business owners, patients, and tax dollars are facing uncertainties for the future of medical marijuana and marijuana in general. As a business student and business owner, I see an opportunity for California to take control of this controversial issue and finally deal with it. According to the LA Times article, the new ban imposed might not even be legal. This ban will put many businesses "Caregivers" out of business essentially cutting millions in revenue from taxes. Anita Gore, a California board spokesman, stated " tax authorities estimate that the state currently collects $58 million to $105 million in sales taxes on $700 to $1.3 billion in annual retail sales of medical marijuana." With our state already feeling the economical crunch, this measure will hurt us even more. Now again this is just revenue from Medical marijuana, if California legalizes marijuana in general these numbers would jump tremendously. There is already a market for medical marijuana, the City of Los Angeles and California needs to regulate the sales in order to receive the appropriate sales tax, just like alcohol and cigarettes. The State and even the Country can benefit tremendously from taxes alone.......

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...Medical Marijuana in California The marijuana pant is one of the oldest plants known to mankind. It has become one of the most widely used plants. The plant has many uses other than medicinal use. It was used to make cloth and paper for centuries and was the most important source of rope until the development of synthetic fibers (Grinspoon and Bakalar). There are two different species of cannabis called sativa and indica. The feeling of each has a slight difference. Sativa has a more relaxing effect on the body than indica, but both are equally useful in medicating ill people. Marijuana is easily defined: it is one of the most benign substances know to humans (Rosenthal and Kubby). California is one of the first states in America fighting for the use of medical marijuana. In recent years, the medical use had grown vastly in the state of California. Medical marijuana is used for various reasons. Many people in California are beginning to buy or receive medical marijuana prescriptions to avoid serious consequences. “In 1996, California voters passed position 215, the Compassionate Use Act, legalizing marijuana for medical use. Proposition 215 permits ill Californians to use marijuana, provided they first obtain a doctor’s recommendation. Proposition 215 also give doctors legal defense against professional or legal sanctions for recommending use of marijuana” ( 1). There is so much conflict between proposition 215 and the federal law. The......

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...I was happy that we’re able to read about a relevant topic. I personally don’t know much about the medical marijuana history/debate in Michigan so I found this assignment to be very informative and useful. I’m glad this assignment gave me the opportunity to read the most current information on the laws concerning medical marijuana. I have never personally smoked marijuana, so I have a hard time understanding why some people push so hard to have it legalized. This being said, I do believe that the case presented against McQueen and Taylor is valid. Given what I read in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA), it would appear to me that CA, the defendant’s co-owned marijuana dispensary, was operating illegally. The MMMA states that there is to be no “patient-to-patient” sales (MICHIGAN MEDICAL MARIHUANA ACT (EXCERPT), 2008). Even though CA rented out lockers to registered qualifying patients to store and sell their excess marijuana, CA claims that they did not violate any of the rules outlined in the MMMA because they believed they did not own the rights to the stored marijuana. CA attests that the rights and ownership of the stored pot were still that of the patients whom rented the lockers, not CA. The State of Michigan challenged that notion by defining possession as dominion and control of the drug. The State of Michigan’s position is that CA had control over the access and sale of the drug there by placing possession of the drug with CA, not the patients. This is a......

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