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Dear American Medical College Application Service:

It is a true pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Meredith Green as part of her application to medical school.

I have had the privilege of knowing Meredith for the past 18 years. We have spent numerous holidays together, shared many life cycle events, and above all, she has been a wonderful role model to my own five children.
One of the most outstanding traits that I have always noticed in Meredith is that she has always demonstrated a great deal empathy and generosity toward other people. When she was a young teen, she was constantly involved in our synagogue youth group, raising funds for family shelters, local community food bands, and countless other needy organizations. As Meredith has matured, she has continued her involvement in community service while volunteering at the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital. Meredith recently shared one of her dreams regarding becoming a doctor with me; she told me how she wants to someday create a theater/drama camp for children battling cancer. Her eyes lit up with enthusiasm and determination while thinking of the never ending possibilities of such a program. In my opinion, it takes a very special person to have the wisdom and foresight to envision using her skills in such a beneficial manner.

I believe Meredith’s reflective nature, undaunted determination, and above all else, her clear dedication to helping others makes her a very strong candidate for medical school. If there are any questions I can answer, feel free to contact…...

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