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PERSONALIZED MEDICINE The term "personalized medicine" reflects the growth of scientific understanding and medical tools that can help individualize care at a new level. Such tools can help match treatments to individual genetic variations, or differentiate between types and subtypes of diseases. A new patient has been diagnoses with a certain type lung cancer and because of genetic technology doctors now can hone with precision and with certainty when treating the patient. There will be no more lets try chemotherapy, no more we have a experimental drug we could try. Doctors can with certainty say this is how we are going to cure you because of genetic technology. In gene testing scientists scan a patient's DNA sample for mutated sequences. DNA can be obtained from any tissue to include blood. Gene testing can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the genes and any mutations detected. One of the most serious limitations of these susceptibility tests is the difficulty in interpreting a positive result because some people who carry a disease-associated mutation never develop the disease. A limitation of all medical testing is the possibility for laboratory errors. These might be due to sample misidentification, contamination of the chemicals used for testing, or other factors. The risks for discrimination and social stigmatization could outweigh the benefits of testing. While the FDA oversees the trials and final approval for certain medicines before they are released to the public the FDA does not regulate in this certain matter. The federal government lack of oversight has some concerned with issues that may arise. The X-Prize Foundation, an educational nonprofit, is offering a $10 million prize to whoever can develop technology that cuts the cost and time of sequencing a genome. With companies issuing out such hefty awards of…...

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