Meditech Surgical Case Paper

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Meditech Surgical Case Paper
Professor Leon Powell
June 11, 2012
Meditech Surgical Case Paper Meditech has a new medical device they are trying to sell to customers while also trying to meet the demands of their current products. The company has several issues including the customer service department, relationships with vendors and suppliers, warehouse locations, and distribution locations. Meditech does not have systems and procedures in place to handle customer complaints, create reports to accurately forecast for sales, and they do not have a good relationship with their supplier to understand the production process. There are several processes and procedures that need to be implemented to help Meditech turn the business around and become customer friendly and profitable (Simchi-Levi, 2008). Meditech’s Problems in Introducing New Products and ALL Products Meditech’s problem in introducing new products is they wanted to use brand naming as their marketing strategy. By using this marketing strategy Meditech thought they would be able to easily sell endoscopic medical devises. Meditech was not able to produce the medical equipment fast enough to meet customer demands. Meditech’s has an abundance of orders they cannot fill and the manufacturing time to make the medical devises continually increases. This has caused Meditech to not make their numbers in manufacturing and has caused poor customer service by not delivery the product when promised (Simchi-Levi, 2008).
What is Driving These Problems, both Systemically and Organizationally Systemically Meditech has had poor communication with their suppliers. The poor communication is what caused orders not to be filled and product that could not be delivered. Meditech does not have good systems and procedures in place to create a forecast that would tell them what their customer demand would be.…...

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