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Owners of the newspaper, UT San Diego are purchasing the North County Times for, 12 million dollars, in a deal that will close early October. The question that will arise from this purchase, is whether San Diego County will benefit from the consolidating of their newspapers. Doug Manchester has brought technology into the newspaper industry in San Diego, which ultimately benefits the residences. He has made it much easier to access the San Diego News by online innovations for Ipad’s and Iphones. On the other hand, what will the loss of competition due to the quality of journalism in the actual reporting of the paper? A decrease in competition usually equates to a decrease in the quality of journalism. If you add to this to Manchester’s staunch conservative views in the front page publishing of editorials, it begs the question how many current readers will be content with one main county paper. There are many other national newspapers that people with more liberal views can access. It will be interesting to see if these people will continue to get the San Diego Newspaper for the local news and add a national paper foe their world news and political views or if they will discontinue getting a local paper.
Let’s hope that the reporters are committed to covering the news professionally and new owners will not change that commitment. The best news reporting comes from a neutral point of view and reports only facts. It does not promote right wing or left wing propaganda. Without any competition it will be hard to see unbiased…...

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