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TO: Microsoft


DATE: May 19, 2010

SUBJECT: Request for Permission

Dear Microsoft,

My Company in writing this letter is asking permission for the company and it's users to officially use, develop, and share screenshots of the new Windows 7 in our company’s manual. We know through your company’s web site and call’s to your Help line that Microsoft is currently not allowing companies to do this but we are asking for us to be allowed to do so. We believe it is in your best interest and ours to let us do this. Here are our reasons why:

1) It will allow us to show the reader desktop pictures – In our manual, we will cover the basic areas of navigation, like getting from the desktop to the control panel and demonstrate the proper steps needed to get from one area to another area in Window 7 operating system. In the companies manual we use many different work areas on the computer. By giving a screen shot to the end user they will understand more with a screen capture by seeing it in our manual. We try to give our users as much detail information as possible but a screen shot will help the user understand our information across to them easier.

2) Goodwill – As we are a Non-profit organization to allow us to use, develop, and share this manual it will help us keep our cost down and be able to provide a better product for our end users. Because your company is the biggest developer in the world of Operating Systems, you are currently subject to TONS of criticism everywhere you turn. Most People and Companies see Microsoft as this huge corporation that wants to control the computer industry and take as much money as they can. I personally read the blogs of Microsoft employees and know this is really not the case. Allowing us to work with these screenshots will create goodwill that no ad campaign can buy.

3) Money ��…...

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