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Metabical Case
Current Competition

Metabical is the “first and only prescription weight loss drug to receive FDA approval.” This prescription drug has less side affects than current weight loss options, which creates a market niche because if people are not obese but want to lose 10-30 pounds they might consider it if the negative affects are subtle. CSP is targeting overweight people (BMI between 25 and 30) not obese or sever obese people (BMI >30 or BMI >40), which is different from other weight loss drugs. They were able to do this by combining the “2 categories of prescription diet drugs: appetite suppressants and fat-absorbing blockers” in a dual layer pill. “The first layer contained an appetite suppressant, calosera, while the second layer contained a fat blocker and calorie absorption agent, meditonan.” These drugs worked in low dose levels, which created less negative affect on the body. Prescription drugs often have side effects but Metabical has no side effects associated with it, which is another major selling point for CSP. Some of the side effects listed for Metabical’s competition were serious enough to cause long term damage such as liver failure, kidney stones, severe stomach pain and gallbladder disease. Some of the major side effects were even life threatening. Not killing the customer is always a good strategy and encourages repeat business. The formula used for Metabical is also an advantage, the two-stage pill uses low levels of chemicals so that there are no harmful side effects, it suppresses appetites while simultaneously releasing a fat blocker. Basically Metabical advantage is its safeness compared to other weight-loss drugs.

Demand Forecast

Forecast Method 1: Targets the entire overweight population
Pros: This method does not take a sample but it takes the whole overweight…...

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...A Case Write Up – Metabical Case Q1. Upon careful analysis of the case study we can summarise the current standing of the Metabical as a snapshot using the 5 Cs before deep-diving into the specific questions posed as follows: A. CUSTOMER: Metabical is a unique prescribed drug for overweight individuals with a BMI of 25 to 30. Essentially this group makes for our customers and consumers. More details of the target segment will follow as we discuss the case B. COMPANY: Metabical is wholly owned by by Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSI) an international pharmaceutical company of repute with a turnover of 25 billion dollars in 2007. C. COMPETITERS: The health and weight loss industry is cluttered with various weight loss drug options available - both prescribed and OTC, herbal remedies and dietary supplements. Meal and diet plans, exercise regimes and weight loss programmes also form the competitive landscape. D. COLLABORATORS: Doctors who prescribe the drug are influencers and we enlist them as our partners and collaborators E. CONTEXT: United States (the market) has an alarming percentage of excess weight population – 65% across ages. It is also a fairly mature market where there is high awareness for weight loss remedies. In fact, the weight loss drug industry is also tarnished by some deceptive media campaigns. There is however a defined need gap for a FDA approved prescribed drug......

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...METABICAL CASE STUDY REPORT INTRODUCTION Excess weight had become a big crisis in the US, affecting about 65% of the adult population leading to different kinds of health complications. In the past, several manufacturers had introduced various weight loss products like over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, herbal products, supplementary fad diets, etc. All of these have proven to be unsuccessful because of their ineffectiveness, severe side effects and lack of credibility among consumers. At this juncture, Barbara Printup, the Senior Marketing Director of Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) wants to introduce CSP’s newest revolutionary prescription drug, Metabical. It is the only FDA approved prescription drug for overweight people, which has minimal side effects and long term benefits. PURCHASING DECISION MAKING PROCESS (Q1) The communication strategy of Metabical targets both the health care provider and the consumer. Depending on the initiators there are two different purchase decision processes in the purchase of Metabical for the overweight problem. 1. For Customer: a. Problem identification: The various health awareness programs, BMI table etc help a health conscious or beauty conscious individual to identify the overweight problem. b. Information search: Once the problem is identified the individual decides on the course of action. He/She may decide to either ignore the problem or work on it. Metabical is interested in the group of individuals who are ready......

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