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The Mexican drug war is a threat to the United States. Mexican cartels are warring with one another for dominance over smuggling routes along the border. Bordering states are facing a ominous threat of being caught the cross hair of drug violence. Neither the United States nor Mexico authorities have been able to stop the bloodshed and prevent the import of illegal drugs. The outdated drug polices of the United States have failed to successfully stop the usage of illegal substances among its citizens. Mexico is precariously close to being completely paralyzed by the almighty cartels who threaten to create a permanent criminal state. The US government needs to reevaluate its current drug polices and current out dated solution.
The United States will not win the drug war. Mexico is a current state of turmoil and bloodshed between authorities and drug cartels. There have been thousands of lives lost over turf battles and control over the lucrative drug routes along the border. The threat is eminent that its only time before blood shed spills over to American Soil. Mexican cartels have shown to be as ruthless as any terrorist organization that currently exists today. The illegal drug trade has turned one time peasants into multi-millionaires. For instance Joaquin “ El Chapo” Guzman leader of the Sinaloa Cartel made Fortune magazine billionaire list .Mexican drug cartels have used traditional business models to increase profits, distribution and supply consumers like a legitimate organization. The American public however seem to be oblivious to the emerging threat. All eyes are focused on the Middle East and the global threat of terrorism.
“If Mexico became a failed state, millions would flee across the northern border and organised crime gangs would have a secure base from which to penetrate America. This could leave Washington with little choice but to…...

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