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Decisions in Paradise

The company that I work for manages Government Contracts. The office I work for is the Chicago office. We manage contracts for Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. At any point of time the Chicago office manages twenty thousand plus contracts. Many of the contracts are due monthly. The field offices that we have in these states handle these contracts when they are in the field offices region. We recently decided that our office’s will open a facility in Kava were I will be meeting with another employee from a different office. I’ll do anything to get out of Chicago for the winter. I met up with Alex at the new field office in Kava. Alex informed me that opening this office was Chris’s idea. Cheap quality labor in Kava and this island exports a lot of different things that we can use back home. They export petroleum, coffee, spices, bananas and natural gas. Giving the contracts to the companies here on the island could be mutually beneficial. The contractors get big orders and can ship the entire product in a timely manner and do it cheaper even with the shipping costs then the contractors back in the states. There can be some pushback from the local government because they might feel like we are taking advantage. Having pushback from the government would be bad, it could hold up the process and it will dwindle whatever product we have in stock. We are trying to get Kava back on track. Even though they have all these export goods they do not do enough business that could make them very profitable. Working with contractors in Kava, could give a boost in the local economy because it will create jobs to keep up with the demand that the United States will need. Creating jobs will have more spending with more people at work. The government is even waving the “Buy American Act”, because of the need for these exports for…...

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