Microsoft Office Program: Helpful to Student's Studies

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Microsoft Office Program:
Helpful to Student’s Studies

I. INTRODUCTION In this fast reaching world, the studies of every individual become more complicated. We have now going beyond the imagination of each human being and applying this through technology. Merely fact, technology is a very big help in the lives of each learners specifically to the highschool students here in Gonzalo Aler National High School. The school adapted technology as one of the most important tools in learning and computer is one of the best examples. Computer is one of the best systematic knowledge that can be used. Using this product of technology, learners challenged to be maximized in their learning by being more creative and become more interested in studying. Today, computer does not just help to the student but it is an essential one to give courage and help improves the skills of individual. With the ever increasing population of computer technology, it is almost impossible to find an educational establishment that does not use it. Computers are becoming a more and more important within education as both a learning tool for students and for keeping records of all individuals at the school.

Computers allow students to access more information more easily and the introduction of the internet means that this information is available to hand 24/7. Whether this is a good prospect or not is something that is debated frequently. For every factual and accurate piece of information that can be found on the internet, there are ten false ones. This has lead to a demand for school based websites and computer software that students can use without the risk of being fed false information. Computers allow students to collect this data quickly and efficiently and learn skills such as finding relevant information and producing it in a way that can be read by others. As most students will…...

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