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a. Why is corporate finance important to all managers?

b. Describe the organizational forms a company might have as it evolves from a start-up to

a major corporation. List the advantages and disadvantages of each form.

c. How do corporations go public and continue to grow? What are agency problems?

What is corporate governance?

d. What should be the primary objective of managers?

(1) Do firms have any responsibilities to society at large?

(2) Is stock price maximization good or bad for society?

(3) Should firms behave ethically?

e. What three aspects of cash flows affect the value of any investment?

f. What are free cash flows?

g. What is the weighted average cost of capital?

h. How do free cash flows and the weighted average cost of capital interact to determine a

firm’s value?

i. Who are the providers (savers) and users (borrowers) of capital? How is capital transferred between savers and borrowers?

j. What do we call the price that a borrower must pay for debt capital? What is the price

of equity capital? What are the four most fundamental factors that affect the cost of

money, or the general level of interest rates, in the economy?

k. What are some economic conditions (including international aspects) that affect the cost

of money?

l. What are financial securities? Describe some financial instruments.

m. List some financial institutions.

n. What are some different types of markets?

o. How are secondary markets organized?

(1) List some physical location markets and some computer/telephone networks.

(2) Explain the differences between open outcry auctions, dealer markets, and electronic communications networks…...

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...Solutions Guide:   Please do not present as your own.  I sometimes post solutions that are totally mine, from the book’s solutions manual, or a mix of my work and the books solutions manual. But this is only meant as a solutions guide for you to answer the problem on your own. I recommend doing this with any content you buy online whether from me or from someone else. CASE 13–30 Make or Buy; Utilization of a Constrained Resource [LO1, LO3, LO5]                                                    Garrison, Noreen & Brewer. 13th edition Managerial Accounting. Entire case.TufStuff, Inc., sells a wide range of drums, bins, boxes, and other containers that are used in the                          chemical industry. One of the company’s products is a heavy-duty corrosion-resistant metal drum,                          called the WVD drum, used to store toxic wastes. Production is constrained by the capacity of an                          automated welding machine that is used to make precision welds. A total of 2,000 hours of welding                          time is available annually on the machine. Because each drum requires 0.4 hours of welding time,                          annual production is limited to 5,000 drums. At present, the welding machine is used exclusively                          to make the WVD drums. The accounting department has provided the following fi nancial data                          concerning the WVD drums:                         ......

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...Well If I were Rogers I would ask if they knew anyone who was fired unjustly? Or if they ever wanted information about the company that no one would give them? With a Union you cannot be fired without reasonable cause and they will fight for you in cases as such. You ever want to know how to file a claim against your boss or company? Well not too many people at work will help you for fear of getting in trouble but the union will be the first to help you find the right paperwork and how to file it. are you worried about job security with the economy the way it is? Have no fear with a union you can’t be fired or receive less money then what you are at least getting now and they will constantly work for a raise. Are you hourly and have to work overtime but only get paid for 40 hours a week. The union can put an end to that. Union workers typically receive more paid sick leave and vacation. I would have a good business plan with a lot of valuable investments so that if my workers decided to go on strike I could still survive. I would turn down their offer because I would not let my employees have the upper hand over me and be able to make the decisions. I would then go down to the local unemployment office and let it is know that I have temporary positions open with good pay. I would let them know it was because of a strike and in order to keep it as civil as possible I would have a separate central meeting place for all new/ temporary employees. I would also let it be known......

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