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Minor Essay Text Message to a Friend: * Hey, Kelly * How are you? * Hey Juan!! * I’m great.. gettin ready 4 the party, how bout u? * Not that good * Kell.. The thing is that I don’t think I’ll go to the party… I feel horrible * I’m dying over here hahaha * Omg * For real?? * Hahah yess, im not sure tho * But I wanted you to thank u for the invitation… hope you have a great party * Don’t worry Juan … we will miss u over here * Get well soon * Thank you kells, see you tomorrow.. xoxo
Email to the Professor:
Greetings Dr. Potter,

I am Juan, current student of your Biology class, specifically on the U3M section. I was unable to attend your class yesterday (Wednesday, September 10th). I understand from a classmate that a handout was given related to the next lab assignment. The syllabus indicates that your office hours are between 12:00 - 2:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Would you be available in your office this Thursday so I can receive the lab assignment and ask for clarification on the material that we had to turn in? I would appreciate if you extend the deadline for the assignment, just for this occasion. I’m aware that your time is valuable so I don’t want to extend myself more. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you very much and kind regards,

Reflecting on both examples, we can see the obvious difference with the two messages. Rhetoric communication is based on a purpose, and clearly the purpose on these two types of message was the same, but as you can see the formality and the extension are completely the opposite. What I wanted to accomplish was to notify my absence on both…...

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...In the Symposium, Plato presents many points on Love (Eros) which are laid out by different speakers in the honor of Agathon. Phaedrus, Aristodemus, Pausanias, Socrates, Agathon, Aristophanes and Eryximachus all dedicated their symposium to the understanding of love by giving their opinion of how a person should commend it. Near the ending of the speech by Socrates, a beautiful, wealthy and drunk Alcibiades enters the event. This triggers the beginning of Alcibiades speech of travesty, which is disguised in praise, reciting the “secret nature” of Socrates to the guests at hand. The purpose of adding Alcibiades’ speech at the end is to display the nuisance with social expectations for love and the inability to meet them. The character of Alcibiades is used to portray the tragic nature of good merit and the tragedy. He is unable to gain virtue through sexual relations, and there for is forced to remain mortal. The purpose of the speech at whole is to celebrate the fertility of heterosexual relationships and how they are justified in giving birth to children. Alcibiades wants to engage in a relationship with Socrates which in terms is a homosexual relationship. To justify homosexual relationships, they would have had to prove them as productive as a heterosexual relationship. Meaning if what a heterosexual relationship can justify through Diotima’s speech is a child and a relationship which can be carried on in the future has to be the same of what a homosexual relationship......

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