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It is true that some minority languages such as aboriginal’s languages are on the verge of extinction. Although some people argue that preserving those languages is wasting time, I believe that states should take measures to protect them.

Some believe that as those minority languages are spoken by a handful of people, and besides, they do not affect the majority culture of a country a lot, then it is not necessary to invest public money on them. Governments could spend public money on the well-being of those individuals to live better or on improving the standard of living. Moreover, uniformity in the language may lead to an increase national solidarity as it is vital to unify a country.

On the other hand, others believe that a language is not simply integration of some words used in speeches and ordinary conversations. Language includes a collection of legends, traditions and emotions gathered throughout the history. In fact, it is a part of cultural identity of a nation. Furthermore, not only preserving aboriginal languages does not lead to less patriotism but also people would feel that they belong to this country and show more respects to the government. They can pass on their heritage to young generations through stories spoken on their own languages.

As shown above, preserving and investing money on endangered languages could not be seen as a waste of time. Governments could take some measures to keep alive these languages, causing people feel that authorities tend to protect their cultures and…...

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