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Although it is tolerated in Amsterdam and even though it was recently legalized in the state of Colorado (U.S.A), getting a license for selling marihuana through an 'acceptable' business, also known as a 'coffee-shop', is not an easy thing to do.
In the Netherlands, the selling of cannabis is "illegal, but not punishable". Dutch law stipulates that there are no new coffee-shop licenses to be given out any more. That means that transfer of a license from a previous owner is the only way to get one.
Also, the licenses are not transferable to other buildings, so if you purchase a license for a shop, it has to continue at the at exact location, which means that incase the building owner decides to refurbish the buildings he owns, and thus your address is changed, then its goodbye for that shop/license again.
In order to maintain your license, establishments need to follow these nationwide rules: No advertising, no alcohol or hard drug sales on the premises, no sales to anyone under the age of 18, no sale of quantities greater than five grams, no public disturbances.
Colorado is one of the two states in America that have recently approved the recreational usage and distribution of marihuana.
In order to be able to sell marihuana in Colorado one must first be a Colorado state resident for at least 2 years, and then apply for a marihuana minimal distribution permit, only a few permits are approved every year, and allot of them can be denied for no apparent reason.
The state of Colorado had indeed made marihuana legal (excluding some basic prohibitions), but because this is a new industry, the bureaucratic process are quite difficult, making the license acquiring business complicated and…...

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