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Can India have a Google of its own?
The idea behind the suggestions of India becoming an innovation powerhouse or at least to start with a company that becomes an innovation education is to revamp India’s education system that has for long focussed on training people to get a job and not really thinking creatively. Fostering creative thinking by directing the education system towards a more research oriented framework can do the trick for India. This coupled with social support for our budding technology entrepreneurs can put India on the fast track of finally having a Google of its own.

There have been innumerable speculations as to whether India indeed would become a superpower by the end of the century or at least be at par with China and the USA at the high tables of the world. Though as Indians, we have reasons to feel optimistic, it should be noted that no country ever has dominated the world economy without being at the forefront of the technological revolution of its era. Be it the British through their industrial revolution and ensuing exports in the 18th century, the Americans in the 19th century through innovation or the Indians themselves in 1000 BC by being pioneers in the field of education and science - all historical instances of countries leading the world did so in terms of creativity and originality of thoughts.
Hence if India wants to regain its lost reputation of being the leader, then it has to quickly adopt the means to innovate through creativity and original ideas. In other words, it either has to come up with a set of new firms that will deliver brand new products and services to the world and revolutionize the way mankind transacts its daily affairs or upgrade its present set of firms to deliver innovative…...

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...Guilt: Guilt is a strong feeling that arises from one's realization of their own mistakes. When people realize the true value of time, they will feel very guilty for having wasted much of their time in things that were unnecessary. In addition, guilt is a feeling that induces one to fix their mistakes... Verily, guilt is a blessing from Allah SWT as it tells us that our hearts are intended for purity. People act upon guilt because unless they fix their mistakes, the feeling won't go away. Grief: Grief gives one contemporary feelings of sorrow. However, it may come to one's realization that the deceased requires to be prayed for; in order for the people to meet their loved ones once again, they will have to start utilizing their time for the better. Although death allows for a painful feeling, it also allows for an impactful feeling--for which, in the long run, leads to beneficence. As shown in the picture, a woman longs for her deceased loved ones...but it is to her knowledge that she may benefit them and herself by performing worship and dua. Solitude: Solitude is a force that makes one more conscious about one's self and one's environment. In the case of the photograph, strong forces can be felt towards the person as he becomes more conscious about his surroundings and ultimately learns a moral from his loneliness. One may think that living in solitude can be a bad thing...however, it is actually one of the most important moments people will ever get. Perseverance:......

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