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During the mid 1990s, a landmark case that dealt with unethical behavior in the workforce hit the United States. The defendant was Mitsubishi, or mainly the managers at the Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America Inc. (MMMA) plant in Normal, Illinois. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sued Mitsubishi on behalf of the 350 female employees, current and former, who experienced sexual harassment working at the MMMA plant (Treece). The case at the MMMA plant in Normal, Illinois opened up doorways for women to speak up in other states such as Maryland, California, and Michigan (Harassment, Retaliation, Death Threats at Mitsubishi Motors).
The Mitsubishi sex scandal didn’t happen all of a sudden; instead, it started slow and progressed over an eight year period. The EEOC was the first organization that put the spotlight on the unethical behavior depicted at the MMMA factory. The EEOC believed that as early as 1990 there had been cases of sexual harassment going unnoticed in the Mitsubishi factory, after getting complaints from some of the female workers (Cray). The EEOC claimed that the company personal, at Normal, Illinois plant, began having sex parties in 1992. The supervisors from Japan actually requested these parties, and the parties were on company time (Cray).
A couple years after the EEOC made the claims about Mitsubishi’s managers, the EEOC decided to file its commissioner’s charge after it examined the MMMA plant at Normal, Illinois and found that the plant had inadequate sexual harassment policies (Cray). Soon after, the media started noticing what was going on at the Mitsubishi plants. With the EEOC and the media breathing down Mitsubishi back, the company picked up its disciplinary pace in 1995 and 1996 (Cray). However, on April 22, 1996, Mitsubishi funded a…...

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