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Cellular phone has become such a vital necessity if our day to day life that we can not spend a single day without it. In the current scenario of today’s telecom sector, we find some names everywhere and their activities are touching our lives. The name of the cellular operators like GrameenPhone, AKTel, Banglalink, and Citycell & Teletalk is expanding with their activities to gain their respective goals.

To execute their goals accurately, they adopt several marketing strategies. In our report we have focused the vital business strategies from different viewpoints of GrameenPhone. From this analysis we have able to identify their process of capturing different generations and the key factors of their market acceptance.

From this study we are able to know about market segmentations, positions, marketing mix, SWOT analysis and various special features of GrameenPhone.
Then we have discussed about the competitive advantage of the company. From our discussion we have found that grameen phone is the market leader, banglalink is the market challenger, AKTEL is the market follower and Citycell is the market nicher.
Then last of all we have analyzed the SWOT analysis. In our SWOT analysis we have tried to discuss about the strength weakness opportunities and treats as broadly as possible. Then we have discussed about the marketing mix strategies. Marketing strategies are the strategies of each company with 4ps that is product, price, place and promotion. We have tried to discuss broadly the the company’s marketing mix strategy.

From our overall activities, we can say that cellular phone sector is the most crucial for the growth of our economy and to survive in global market.

We have tried to made our report as comparable as possible. We have tried to input as much data as possible. Last of all we have tries utmost to make it effective and interesting.…...

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