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Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock tria Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial Mock trial
Mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial mock trial max is a big poop head and I hate my life I need 250 words so im just typing snf typing and typing and I tried copy andpaste but nothing worked so now I have to do this m,annually and it really sucks because I just wanted to graduate and be done but instead im doing this boo boo booi suck and I don’t actually want twwio jobs I just want money so I aint a broke bitch almost 250 jeep going keep goinjg alomost there twenty more words girl you vsn do this almost there I hate thios so much and I ki

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Mock trial Mock trial

Mock trial Mock trial

Mock trial

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Mock trial

Mock trial Mock trial

Mock trial


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...CLOSING Ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom, may it please you. As I’m sure you know, I am Attorney BLANK . This is my first opportunity to address you directly and I first and foremost wanted to thank each and every one of you personally, for your time and cooperation you have put in this case. Our job here today is to determine whether or not the defendant Mr. Cartwright was negligent, and that his negligence was the proximate cause of the plaintiff Miss Jamie Franklyn’s horrific injuries. Now ladies and gentlemen of the courtroom, I’d like to readdress that negligence is defined as the failure to exercise, in the given circumstances, that degree of care for the safety of others, which a person ordinary prudence would exercise under similar circumstances. Mr. Cartwright is the official owner of the barn, which makes him liable towards that barn and its care. Regardless of whom he allows in it, and regardless of what he allows them to do in it, he is overall without a doubt responsible. In this case, Mr. Cartwright had violated the duty to maintain the barn in a reasonably safe condition. Our law welcomes us that the duty owed by the owner of a property to a licensee who has the right to enter or remain upon land by the consent of the owner. “A licensee is a person who has the right to enter or remain upon land by the consent of the owner.” They are not invited but their presence is tolerated. The owner of property owes a duty to a licensee to abstain from willfully......

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...the castle no questions asked. “I wonder where I am,” I thought to myself. When I walked in the unusually huge door I noticed it was actually very nice on the inside. The first room I was in was very spacious and had a black and white checkered floor with walls that were painted a more lively purple. There were three hallways and a staircase between each hallway that leads to an open room with all windows. “I wonder if anyone is here.” I said almost immediately after I heard a large BOOM! And rolling down the hallway in front of him was a giant boulder. I had just enough time to jump out of the way but the boulder was blocking the door. With closer examination I noticed the bolder had something written on the back. It read Trials and Tribulations await you, choose wisely. The next thing I knew was that a tall figure was casting a shadow over him. Swoosh! It took a swing at him with a long axe and just missed him by the skin of my teeth. I looks up and it’s a knight in full armor. I ran towards the nearest of the three hallways which was the one to the left. But then I saw a sign that said exit coming from the middle hallway where the boulder had just came from, so I changed direction and headed there. After running down the hallway I noticed I was at a new room and the knight was no longer chasing him. So I look around and see a person in a suit on a balcony above him and says “Wrong choice,” Right before walking off. “Who are you?! What is this?!” I......

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...Activity: Mock TrialUnit Planning TITLE: Mock Trial | TEACHER: | COURSE: LE/CSI | DURATION: 1 week | CONTENT—What will students learn? | CAREER/TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS | ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS | 21ST CENTURY SKILLS | The students will be able to: -Identify the types of mock trials. -Explore the roles of the players in a mock trial. -Examine the steps in preparing a mock trial. -Describe the order of the events in a mock trial. | -Students will demonstrate their understanding of courtroom demeanor and procedure. -Students will demonstrate their knowledge of criminal law. | -Teamwork -Written and verbal communications -Critical thinking | SCENARIO OR PROBLEM/ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS | -What does it take to perform each of the roles of the professionals in the court. -Students will perform a mock trial using the case goldilocks and the three bears. ASSESSMENT (Check all that apply) | FORMATIVE | SUMMATIVE | Quizzes/Tests | X | Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test | X | Notes/Graphic Representations | X | Essay Test | | Rough Draft | X | Written Product with Rubric | | Practice Presentation | X | Oral Presentation with Rubric | X | Preliminary Plans/Goals/Checklists of Progress | X | Other Product or Performance with Rubric | X | Journal/Learning Log | | Self-Evaluation or Reflection | ...

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...Dear Mock Healthcare Scholarship Foundation, My name is Fatima Hawkins and I’m pursing a degree in diagnostic medical sonography. I’ve always been interested in working in the medical field and was first very interested in nursing. What brought me to sonography was having 2 babies and thinking how awesome I thought it was to see my children’s face in 4D. Though my number 1 main reason for choosing this field was because of the death of my little cousin when he was only 9 years old. He had a tumor that could’ve been treated but by the time they found out what it was, it was too late. I’d love being the reason someone has another chance at life by being careful and making sure I report anything I believed was malignant. I’ve been volunteering my time at a thrift store in my area called The Closet of Greater Herndon for the last 2 years now and have also been an encouragement to 2 of my friends to go back to school and never give up on their dreams and goals. My friend Jazmin will enroll the next semester coming up while my other friend Deanee is already enrolled and haven’t been in school for 10 years! She told me the reason for her going back is because of the encouragement I gave her and also letting her know she can do it no matter how long she’s been out of school. My current GPA is a 2.9 and I’m currently working on making it as high as I possibly can with honors. If I’m awarded this scholarship I plan on pursing my degree until I get my doctorate. I do not plan......

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...Mock Behavioral Research Paper On Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish AJS/584 Professor Steven Hoenig 3-14-2016 Serial killers is a person that kill three or more people in a short amount of time. He or she murder one after another in a similar way with an inactive period between each murder. The motivation for murdering an adult or child is based on psychological gratification. The serial killer is normally an adult white male in his late twenties, who has killed four or more individuals in separate incident with an inactive period between. It is impossible to tell just by looking at a person who will become a serial killer, the traits of some criminals or serial killers appear to be similar most of the time. The types of behaviors includes violence in the home, sexual assaults, molestation, alcohol and drug abuse, lying, animal cruelty, and a history of bedwetting. The types of serial killers are as follow. Thrill seekers are individuals that are smarter then law enforcement and think of it as a game, enjoy the media, attention seeker, police pursuit, and avoiding authorities. They send messages and keep record of the murders. Mission oriented serial killers an individual that think or claim they are doing society a favor by killing people like prostitutes. Power and Control serial killer are individual that get a kick out of or enjoy the victim’s terror, suffering, and screaming. The chareristics of a serial killer are often subject to debate. As stated in an......

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...Through the words used by Iago who is a very powerful speaker he was orchestrating Othello´s own ruin by making him believe that Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio what drove him crazy and ended up on everyone´s death. Three main characters that Iago used was Roderigo who since the begening was Iago´s puppet, then Cassio who trusted in Iago more than he should and Othello who was the most affected by Iago´s words. In act 2 scene 1 Iago observes Cassio and Desdemona together and decides to use their flirtation against them, then Iago convinces Roderigo to start a fight with Cassio so he will no longer be Othello´s favourite and as a result of this it will be easier for him to convince Othello to trust him rather than Cassio. Latter in act 2 scene 3 to provoke the fight Iago gets Cassio drunk which made him short tempered and more willing to fight. In act 3, scene 3 Iago and Othello enter and Iago points out that Cassio and Desdemona are being suspicious and plants the idea of the affair in Othello´s mind and teases him about it until Othello is driven into madness, then Iago lies to Othello about Cassio talking in his sleep about Desdemona and when he finds the handkerchief he plans to place it in Cassio´s room. In act 4 scene 1iago admits to Othello that Cassio and Desdemona have slept together and manipulates Cassio in front of Othello to make it seem that they are talking about Desdemona and not Bianca, after that Iago suggest Othello to strangle Desdemona......

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