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BBA 360 Assignment 3
Case Study Project Management

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What: Read the case and follow the directions at the end of the case.

The Wedding

Tony and Peggy Sue graduated from a college in Texas last May. She received a degree in elementary education, and he graduated from the culinary school. They both now work in the Dallas area. Peggy Sue teaches, and Tony is a chef at a resort hotel restaurant.

On Christmas day, Tony and Peggy Sue get engaged and set a wedding date of June 30.

Tony is from New York City. He is the only son of “Big Tony” and Carmella. He is known as “Little Tony” to his family. He has three younger sisters, none of whom are yet married. The family owns a restaurant called Big Tony’s and all four children have worked in the restaurant since they were young. They have a large extended family with many relatives, most of whom live in New York City. They also have many friends in the neighborhood.

Peggy Sue is from Cornfield, Nebraska. She is the youngest of four sisters. She and her sisters worked on the family farm when they were young. Her father passed away several years ago. Her mother, Mildred, now lives alone in the family farmhouse and leases the farmland to a neighboring farmer. Peggy Sue’s sisters all married local men and all live in Cornfield. All of their weddings were small (50 people), simple, and pretty much the same. Mildred has the wedding plans down to almost a standard operating procedure—9:00 a.m. ceremony at the small church, followed by a buffet brunch in the church hall, and that is about it. They really couldn’t afford much more elaborate weddings because the income from the farm has been pretty meager. Peggy Sue’s sisters did not go to college, and she had to take out loans to pay for her college expenses.

Tony and Peggy…...

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