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November 29, 2015
Exam 4 Extra Credit I chose an advertisement for ANT which is an organization that helps treat cancer patients for free in their homes. In the advertisement they show the Mona Lisa without any hair on her head. The classical painting, Mona Lisa, is supposed to represent the most beautiful woman back when the painting was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is said to be the most talked about and visiting painting out of any other painting. Although it is not one of the most well-done, outstanding paintings of all time, it is still obviously very popular and captured the eye of hundreds of thousands of people.
The Mona Lisa is said to be the icon of the renaissance. Overall, the Mona Lisa is supposed to be a woman who many people find gorgeous and has an unforgettable gaze in her eyes. It leaves the people looking at it wondering exactly what she is looking at or even where she is looking. Her calm hands seem to show she is at ease, yet her eyes have many different interpretations to many different people. Some people think she is comfortable and happy, while others think she is sort of sad or in pain about something. There are hundreds interpretations about the Mona Lisa. The only change that the advertiser made to the classic painting of the Mona Lisa is he or she took away her hair. Everything else about her including her dress, hands, posture, even the background is all kept the exact same as the original. Nothing at all had changed except for the fact that she is now bald due to cancer, which is the message the advertiser is trying to get through to the viewers of the advertisement. The advertiser is selling the concept of the cancer treatment in the patient’s home by showing an iconic woman, Mona Lisa, being bald because of cancer but nothing else has changed about her at all. I think the advertiser did a…...

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