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“Does the Morale of the Employees Affect their Performance?”
GM 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Professor Patricia Anderson
June 16, 2012

The organization that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Devcon Security. Devcon Security was founded in 2004 by a Management Team having more than 100 years of security experience. We are one of the fastest growing security companies in the country by building a strong, satisfied, and safe customer base while earning a rock-solid reputation.
With the most modern technology available, we provide specialized security based on the specific needs of each individual customer. While other security companies try to increase profits by reducing costs, at Devcon we are increasing our business and maintaining customer loyalty through state-of-the-art equipment, the worlds highest rated monitoring centers, and superior customer service.
At Devcon Security, our philosophy is simple; provide each and every customer with a superior quality, easy-to-use security system solution that is backed by an exceptional level of customer services and support. Beginning with the first day you contact us, through your security system installation and beyond - we will be here to assist you in any way we can. Help is a quick phone call away. From residential home security systems and small business security solutions to large, comprehensive commercial alarms and video surveillance systems, our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the custom solution that meets your individual security needs. Regardless of which package you select, you can always count on Devcon to deliver the highest level of protection. We are also proud to be among only a few security companies to have a 5-Diamond certification from the Central Station Alarm Association. ( As an…...

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...decisions to help their clients. Employees are also complaining that they are never recognized for their accomplishments and that the organization never takes the time to celebrate major accomplishments. Due to these problems, the organization has low morale and they are now losing market shares. This first complaint that mid-level managers believe that they are not given the freedom to make the decisions involving their clients involves trust issues. Kouzes and Posner (2010) wrote an article regarding truths in leadership. One of the truths is about trust. They wrote that “trust is the social glue that holds individuals and groups together.” They go on to say (…that level of trust others have in you will determine the degree of influence you have.” If the organization’s upper management trusted their mid-level managers to make their own decisions and trust that they will not hurt the organization, this would improve morale and could improve productivity. An article by Laura Walter (2011) states that a study by the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business has shown that empowered employees are more innovative, perform better at their jobs and have higher job satisfaction. So, when management empowers their employees to make decisions on their own, the employees will realize that they are trusted enough to do what is right for their clients and for the organization. Another problem at Leadership Today was that employees did not feel that they were......

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...term paper IN ENGLISH 2 Employees 1 Running Head: EMPLOYEES All About Employees Caballero, Jobeah D. Mindanao State University Ma’am Julita E. Arsenal English 2 Employees 2 All about Employees In order for an organization or company to succeed, meet its goals and be dynamic, there are many factors that have to be considered. It is not just about making the employees satisfied and happy with their jobs, not just about having that competitive edge against other companies, not just knowing what to do or how to do things in order to be called ‘successful.’ A company that is bound to be successful would consider employees as one of its priorities. A company must take care of its employees the same way employees contribute to the organization they are working for. Quest Diagnostics is a company that was known all over the world. It offers clinical laboratory services and is the leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services (, 2000-2007). Quest Diagnostic is a big company, employing more than 38,500 (, 1995-2007). Usually, such big companies face a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with their employees. Due to the diverse population in the company and the diversity of work, it is hard to maintain a working environment that suits everyone. The following passages delve into the factors that organizations or companies like Quest Diagnostics must consider. Compensation and Benefits What should be......

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...Communication is the key to any business's success because without effective communication, there is no structure; this is why communicating with employees is very important. In the Leadership Theory and Practice textbook, one of the strengths of the Leader-Member Exchange Theory states, "LMX theory is noteworthy because it points out the importance of communication in leadership." This tells us "Communication is the vehicle through which leaders and subordinates create, nurture, and sustain useful exchanges" (Northouse, 2013). Furthermore, in order to reinforce its expectations of the company, management should use simple and direct language when communicating their expectations of the employee. This should be done on a continual basis to ensure that their message is completely understood. When communicating with employees, management should be very clear, concrete, and concise on their expectations. According to the MGMT3 textbook written by Chuck Williams, he states, "There are many types of communication-formal, informal, coaching/counseling and nonverbal- but they all follow the same fundamental process.'' (Williams, 2011) He later implies that "Sometimes messages are poorly communicated simply because they are delivered using the wrong communication medium, which is the method used to deliver a message" (Williams, 2011). In an article titled Communication Provides Foundation for Being a Best Place to Work written by Kathleen Skidmore-Williams she affirms the......

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Employees by increasing the hours of the employees. Creating more hours to the employees is going to engage more customer service interactions and generate more business to the company. Full time employees value their job because they can make enough money to support their families part time employees sometimes they don’t value their job because they can easily find another job. If you increase the hours to the part time employees you encourage them to do a better job because they know you value them. I know that the company base their schedule based on projected sales from the previous years but if the company is not well staff they can lose potential business because they are not helping customers. I understand that corporate mandate the hours but what happens when we have a spike of business. Are we going to left unattended customers roam around the store without being help because we don’t have any hours to give to the employees? For example, if I go grocery shopping and I’m looking for specific item and I can’t find it I’ll not be able to purchase that item. If there is not employee available to help me find it, the store is going to lose business. By putting more employees helping customers you can generate more profit. I know that the company is trying to balance labor and profit to a point but overworking employees and not giving the enough time to complete their task is not the right way to do things. Soon or later the employees are going to get tired and......

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...Parsons (1988) reported that empirical research on job changes due to computerization is surprisingly sparse. Thus, research to date seems mixed in its understanding of the effects of information technology on work and workers. Most researchers agree that the research is not convincing in that it lacks clear conceptualization and rigorous experimental research designs, and consequently, has left many basic questions unanswered (Attewell & Rule, 1984; Beard, 1991). Therefore, the question remains: what is the impact of information technology on workers and the jobs they perform? The purpose of this study is to trace over time how the implementation of an IT system to replace a manual one affected the nature of the jobs and the attitudes of employees in a warehouse operation. Information Technology Information technology refers to computer mediated work where a task is accomplished through the medium of the information system rather than through direct physical contact with the task (Zuboff, 1985). Two basic opposing views exist with regard to the impact of information technology on individuals. First, some argue that the computerized workplace is inhumane and Page 3 Impact of Technology on Workers WP 97-11 workers' jobs are robbed of enriching elements (Attewell & Rule, 1984). These deskilled jobs produce dissatisfaction, alienation, and reduced motivation to perform. On the other hand, some argue that the computer liberates people (Mesthene, 1970). From this perspective,......

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...There is always room for increasing employee morale throughout our organization. I have come up with a proposal that promotes healthy eating in the workplace to help boost morale and productivity. One of the most common issues amongst employees is not having the time to eat healthy. Some may not have time to prepare a healthy lunch to bring with them while others may not be able to afford to eat a quick healthy lunch from a nearby restaurant. When employees eat unhealthy foods, they may feel sluggish and their productivity may slow down after lunch. Therefore, I am proposing that we offer healthy snacks and lunches in our break room vending machines instead of high sugar snacks and sodas that have been available. Recommendations To put this morale booster into action we need to provide healthy food and beverage choices in vending machines and/or cafeterias. The “Healthy Food Choices” (2015) website suggests some items that we can start with: Beverages • Low-fat or fat-free milk • Water • Coffee—regular and Decaffeinated • Low-fat or fat-free milk as coffee creamer • Tea—hot or cold • Sugar-free beverages • Flavored or seltzer water • 100% fruit or vegetable juice Snacks • Vegetable sticks served with yogurt dip or hummus • Pita chips • Fresh fruit and cottage cheese • Unsalted or lightly salted nuts • Pretzels • Cheese and whole-grain crackers • Popcorn (low-fat variety) • Baked tortilla chips served with chunky salsa Lunch • Sandwiches served......

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