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The six pillars of character are important traits which everyone should exhibit. For this week’s assignment I have chosen the most important pillars which would be a necessity for any member of the ABC Department of governmental services. As a federal watch dog agency the department is tasked and responsible for ensuring the highest efficiency within other governmental agencies. In addition the department serves as a liaison between citizens and complaints against governmental agencies. The responsibilities entailed in a job of this nature are endless; as are the risks of compromise of professional conduct. This is due to the magnitude of various agency projects under scrutiny.

I strongly believe all six pillars of character play an important role in both the application and hiring process of all potential recruits. Once hired and under department training the three most important qualities are Trustworthiness, Responsibility and Respect. It is important to place the most emphasis on these three pillars because if an error occurs on the job under any of these three pillars the effect it could have on the agency could be detrimental. The social contract theory implies laws for the common good which one must obey whether one wants to or not (Brown 1996). In browns work and interpretations of Hume under social contract; it becomes clear that despite what one feels in the natural choice there are times when people must abide by the moral expectation of society. For the ABC Department of governmental services this means that the members of the agency must interpret their job expectation and make ethical decisions for the good of the government and for the people.

Trustworthiness is the most important of all pillars; a trustworthy individual is one who can always be counted upon to meet expectations without participating in self-profiting behavior. The definition…...

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