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Persuasive Essay – Motivation of the Workplace

Generally in life, having a heirarchy is considered to be a bad thing. The difference is that in the workplace, people do not believe the same things and they have different standards for themselves. This can be applicable to workers all around the world, but this paper specifically talks about those in the United States. The heirarchy is very important and can be one of thes trong reasons to be motivated. Many people work jobs in which they know they will be promoted to a higher position. These jobs are more common in the blue collar sector, but in the white collarr sector, this is seen as well. After working somewhere with no incentive for a higher position, people tend to feel like they are not getting anywhere andget sick of their job. If an employee does not like their job then it is most likely that he or she will not work as effectively. This creates an ethical problem as the worker is being paid for their time, but they are not really putting anything in for their time. This is not ethical as they are working under their potential. This can jeopardize the company’s reputation, cost them money, and also becomes a concern of a person’s morals and ethics.

There are different ways to look at this issue. Firstly, aside from looking at individual concerns, this type of behaviour leads to hurting a company's reputation. The business is an organization that is faceless without its employees. When a customer walks into a business they can tell if the management is properly organized or not due to the service they receive. This happens as the employees become the face of the company and represent the company to the general public. This representation is seen as a good thing as there are always commercials that make this kind of employee-empowerment strongly encouraged, for example Bank of Montreal. In…...

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...Increasing Motivation in the Workplace Rex Oatis Dr. Tony Muscia BUS520 Leader and Organizational February 14, 2016 OUTLINE I. Introduction a. Why is motivation important? II. How to motivate? b. Setting goals c. Showing growth and progress III. Communicate to Motivate d. Why is communication important e. How does it motivate? f. How does it help improve employee motivation? IV. Employee Surveys & Evaluations g. Conducting research and surveys h. Why is a survey designed? i. Employee evaluations j. Questions to ask yourself when evaluating. V. Conclusion Introduction The question when it comes to motivating people is what motivates and how to motivate people? The last but not least is how to keep people motivated? There are many jobs people work and they’re just working for the money and nothing else. The key to keeping good/great employees and to have a low turnover rate is keeping people motivated. Not only that but also engaged with the work, having a positive work environment and wanting employees to help build, grow, and increase productivity. That’s why setting goals, monitoring employee’s growth and progression is the main theory for motivating employees. Also, modeling an evaluation program for the employees to advanced and enhances their job/career with the company to decrease employee turnover rate.  Leaders of......

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...Annotated Bibliography Ann, G., Jerry W, G., & Heather S, M. (2009). Organizational change: Motivation, communication, and leadership effectiveness. 21(4), 75-94. This article is discussed about a leader’s ability to influence and motivate an individual employee in the workplace. The article is based on the theory of (Vroom, 1964), (Maslow, 1954), (Skinner, 1971) and widely used goal theory (Karoly, 1993) which explain that motivation is come from a given work environment and how their leader motivate them. It is require skilled manager who can communicate effectively, attend to employee queries, be creative and innovative, plan and delegate task and always follow up with problems solving. This article would be a helpful resource for my research paper because it demonstrates the real and recent research from (Hebda, Vojak, Griffin, & Price, 2007- Motivating technical visionaries in large American Companies) which indicated that the most important motivator was time provided by the management to solve the complex issues. It shows that the leaders need to plan and make fast decision making and create a work environment that bring forth employee motivation. It is reliable as the authors use a lot of reference sources to support the conclusions. This journal article is written by three very experience authors. Ann Gilley is an associate professor of management at Ferris State University where she teaches strategy and management. Her areas of research include change, the......

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