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RHIN-115 Health Data and Electronic Health Records
Case Study Analysis Exercise
Starts Week 6
Due End of Week 8 (11:55pm) This assignment is to perform an analysis of a full length case study dealing with a CPOE implementation at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. This will be similar in form to the work you have been doing each week on the mini case studies but different in scope. You will use the material in the case to develop an analysis of the state of the CPOE project and defend you position with facts contained in the case and theory and principals based on our course work and your own experience. Format
1. Your paper should be titled LastName_FirstInitial_CaseStudy
2. The file format can be MS Word (from 2003 or newer please) or OpenOffice, if you would like to use something else ask me first. Please do not use PDF as it is hard for me to annotate the paper when I am grading it.
3. There is no minimum length on this paper; there is a hard maximum of 2500 words of body text. As a guide if I was writing it I would probably take around 1800 or so.
4. Double space the body of your paper.
5. Include a title page with your name, the name of the class, and the date.
6. Include a footer with your name and the page number on each page.
7. Clarity counts, to that end spelling, grammar, and formatting matter. This document should be intended to convince a senior manager that you have done a thoughtful analysis of the problem. 8. The paper will be submitted through a dropbox in Week 8.
9. Late submissions will be penalized as outlined in the syllabus. A reminder: In the mini case studies we all collaborate as we examine the underlying issues. In this assignment you are on your own. All the work should be yours without discussion with your classmates or anyone else who has done an analysis of this…...

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