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MP Company

MP Company has been rated as the number one company to work for in 2014. MP encourages employees to have fun in the work place to work harder, stay longer, and take better care of the company. MP makes everyone feel like home and gives employees the freedom to learn and grow together as a family. Employees here care more about the company than a paycheck because of how MP pays attention to recognition and appreciation of the employees. MP has a culture of continuous improvement and strives to establish a high functioning and committed organization that manages change well. The company was built on strong leadership, excellent benefits, communication, hiring, promoting, training, mentorship, and a safe cultural environment for every employee.

Organizational Design
MP is operating as a highly flexible and adaptable organization that can react and adapt quickly to change. MP adopted the adhocracy design with a flexible structure with only a few layers of management and a decentralized structure with minimal formalizations and orders.

MP does not rely heavily on written rules and procedures. It creates procedures that work best as different situations arise. It has the ability to take on new tasks and to fulfill its mission regardless of the circumstances it faces. MP allows their employees to share knowledge and suggestions to keep them engaged, and empower employees to make their own common sense decisions to solve daily problems. This structure gives employees more responsibility and authority for their work. This also makes communication faster up and down the company chain to solve problems quickly. MP expresses confidence in their employees and sets high performance expectations. Employees’ role expectations are clearly defined and consistent to reduce stress and conflict. An employee’s skills and abilities are matched to…...

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