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I am a well reliable organizer, and used to working on my own initiative. I am action oriented and able to prioritize my workload. I am a team player and purpose oriented.

Able to work for long hours Computer literate
Good Problem solver
Able to cope under pressure
Confident initiator
Excellent inter-personal relations

2007-2011 University for Development Studies
B.Sc. Mathematics 1999-2001 St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Accra
Pure Science (Mathematics (Elective), Biology, Physics, Chemistry)

Part-time lecturer at Zenith University College
August 2012 Courses: Quantitative Methods and Mathematics

National Service Personnel at Adenta Municipal Health Directorate
October 2011 – August 2012. Data collections on Health Information.

Part-time teacher at Woodbridge Educational Consults, East Legon, Accra
June 2009 – August 2010
Teaching and preparing students for WASSCE Remedial Exams 2010. Subjects I teach
Include Integrated Science, Core and Elective Mathematics.

Transcriber at an NGO, Youth Empowerment for Africa, East Legon, Accra
October - December 2009
Listening of recorded interactions between field researchers and correspondents and Writing it on paper and then typing it. A UNICEF sponsored project.
Internship at Ghana Standards Board, Shiashi, Accra
June – August 2008

Verification of Weighing Scales for Trade and Industries
Verification of Weighbridges and Fuel Measuring Instruments Calibration of Glasswork Volume Measures, Temperature Indicators and Pressure

Script Checker at West African Examination Council, Ridge, Accra
June 2007 and June 2006
Going through all marked examination scripts for corrections to be made where necessary and raising errors, submitting unmarked scripts to be marked and recording and shading of final marks on scannable papers Classroom teacher at New page International School, New Town, Accra
September 2002 – July 2006
Prepared lesson notes for effective teaching
Marked class exercises and examination scripts
Prepared class assessments and examination reports
Taught the students good morals and etiquette
Served as preacher during worships

Organizing secretary of Royal house Chapel International Students Associates (ROSA)
2007/2010Academic Year National Chairman, Mathematics Students’ Association of Ghana
2010/2011 Academic Year

Class Prefect, Science 2 St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
2000/2001 Academic Year

Member - Mathematics Students Association of Ghana, U D S Chapter

2011 March 20, Certificate of Recognition as the Chairman of Mathematics Students Association of Ghana, U D S Chapter


MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X3, Google Tools

Travelling, Reading, Swimming, Making New Friends, Watching Football, Listening of Music

REFEREES MR. Muniru Mohammed
University for Development Studies
Head of Examination Board.
P.O.Box 24 Navrongo.
Telephone: 0243642642
Mrs. Magrete Andan
First vice rector
Zenith University College
Telephone: 0244375570
Mr. Edward xorse
Pastor of royal house chapel international
Kings’ town assembly.
P.O.Box AN16720
Accra –North
Telephone: 0242712508…...

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