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Wilson C. Powell Jr.
114 Abby Ct.
Elizabethtown Kentucky 42701

Career Objective
Business Management

Professional Skills Profile with 2 year of Academic Schooling and Credential in: * Accounting I * Principles of Marketing * Microeconomics * Macroeconomics * Computer * Legal and Ethical Environment of Business * Business Management and Leadership

Education AABA – Business Administration, GPA 2.93/4.0 July 28, 2012 Graduation Form American InterContinental University Online July 1990 Graduated from 19k Noncommissioned Officer Advance Course 1990 Certified as Combat lifesavers March 1987 completed Medical Technician from College of Chicago March 1997 completed Professional Home Inspection Program June 1997 Certified State Licensed in Class II Wastewater Plant Operation December 2010 started classes at American InterContinental University Online Oct. 1978 to Oct.1993, Active Duty with the U. S. Army
July 16, 2012 accept in the Bachelor Program for Information Technology with Networking

Employment Experience
Elizabethtown Kentucky
Full-time permanent staff with ResCare Disability Center to provide services supports which assist persons to achieve their individualized outcomes for what they want to chose for their lives. * Community Living Supports Provider is the demonstrated desire to improve the lives of others and enhance human dignity. * Traits of maturity, responsibility, creativity, common sense, good judgment, and moral character. * Support provider to help to present an openness to learn, develop skills and promote change. * To provide the ability to cope and act proficiently in an emergency situation. Bedrock Prime Instructor 19K
U.S. Army Basic Leader Officer Course (BLOC)
Fort Knox…...

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