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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage II
Jonquil Walker
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The Castle Family is a small restaurant with 8 locations in northern California. The operations manager is also the HR manager Jay Morgan is responsible for 300 to 340 employees 40% of which are full time. They are looking for alternative ways to conduct the HR portion of the business that will save them gas and time. Jay Morgan currently drives to each restaurant each week to handle scheduling, hiring employee HR issues as well as payroll and the distribution of pay checks. HRIS Type/Comparison
I would to suggest a system that will optimally allow employees to have direct access to the data and provide them with the ability to update their own personal information. This information’s will provide online application for hiring new employees for the recruiting portion of Jay Morgan’s HR duties. The system will also have the capability to screen the application saving time on the manual reviewing of unqualified applicants. It will have a drop box portion to allow employees to ask questions without having to wait for Jay to arrive one day a week to ask them questions about any issues. Jay will be able to handle the questions as soon as they are asked in real time so Jay can deal with issues as soon as possible. Employees will be able to submit time as they go and input the information daily and or as needed and utilize the system to automatically calculated their hours for payroll all on line. This will reduce the time and gases Jay Morgan the HR manager spends handling these portions of his HR duties. This system would work for The Castle’s Family Restaurant because other companies use this type of system and has had incredible success which resulted in showing impressive savings by conducting these on line. HRIS Vendor Recommendation

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