Ms Project Familarization

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Assignment 1: MS Project Familiarization
Deedra Grace
Strayer University
BUS375 – Project Management
Dr. LaShawn Johnson
April 20, 2016

MS Project Familiarization

MS Project easy or difficult? I’d say just from viewing all the training videos, and a few extra videos I searched on YouTube, that it will be easy to use. I believe if I weren't already familiar with other Microsoft software, Microsoft Excel especially, I’d most likely be overwhelmed. I’m sure any new software may be difficult at first, but MS Project seems to be easy to grasp.
Two challenges I foresee in using MS Project would be; remembering all the features, and what does what. Compared to other Microsoft software, MS Project has too many features. In my opinion less is more. Although, I’ve used different types of other software before and felt “this is too much to learn and master”, but after some time on the software there didn’t seem to be enough features. The biggest problem I'll have in regards to MS Project is no patience, and wanting to get it, right away. Secondly, after having waterfall versus agile methods explained in class, and looking more in-depth to MS Project, and reading that this software doesn't lend itself to an agile type of model. I could easily use Excel for tracking simple tasks, but you don't get the flexibility of using MS Project. I foresee that being a problem because it’s stated: “agile development is taking more of a front seat now”. Not only would it be an issue for me learning to utilize this software, but I’d be working twice as hard because the agile method isn’t great to use on the MS Project. Lastly, after getting a better understanding of the agile versus waterfall approach, the agile process is ten times better than the waterfall method. I understand some businesses work better with the waterfall approach, but the overall agile method is the way to…...

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