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How does the length of the rocket affect the distance it travels?
If length of the rocket is long then the distance it travels will be longer because the length of the rocket has to do with weight, and it affects the distance it travels
CONSTANTS: Nose tip, wings, launch force and launch angle, nose tip mass
1. Tape 2. Clay 3. Nose tip 4. Straw 5. Paper 6. Ruler 7. Rocket launcher 8. Index cards

PROCEDURE 1. Gather material needed to build rocket 2. Using a 3 by 5 inch index card, fold the card twice and then cut into a triangle 3. Tape the triangle fins to the straw evenly around the straw 4. Shape the clay (3.5 g ) into an aerodynamic shape. Place the cone on to the straw eliminating any room for air to escape 5. Place the rocket unto the rocket launcher tube 6. Launch the tube from a 30 degree angle 7. Bring the rocket plunger up to 30 cm and release it 8. Record the distance the rocket travels affect each launch on the chart
| | Distance (cm) | Distance (cm) | Distance (cm) | | | Body Length | Launch 1 (cm) | Launch 2 (cm) | Launch 3 (cm) | Average (cm) | Rocket A | 8 inches | 265 cm | 286 cm | 329 cm | 294 cm | Rocket B | 6.5 inches | 490 cm | 515 cm | 500 cm | 502 cm |
During our investigation, we launched our rocket at a 45 degree angle with a force of 30 cm. There are two Rockets: A and B, and each of them had different results. On a first launch, the rocket A’s distance is 265 cm. On a second launch, the distance was a little bit different- 286cm. And on the third launch, it went up to 329 cm. The average launch distance for rocket A is approximately 294 cm. However, the data for Rocket B may vary.…...

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