Muslim Woman at Roadside Bakery

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Dimi Lu Video 1: What Would You Do? Muslim Woman at Roadside Bakery I can see two main opposing attitudes on display in this video. These attitudes center around what it means to be an American. The first attitude (Attitude #1) is that America is a
Christian nation with Christian “values”. It is the nation of John Wayne, muscle cars, apple pie, the second amendment, and baseball, just to name a few things. There is a premium placed on individual liberty, a disdain for “big government”, and a wariness of immigrants ­ especially those coming from Central America or the middle east. A business owner has the right to serve anyone he or she sees fit, or refuse service to anyone he or she sees as unfit. It’s basically the belief held by supporters of the Tea Party which holds right wing, conservative, evangelical
Christian views about what kind of country America is and who can be considered a
God­fearing, patriotic, American. There are many on this side of the camp who are flat out racists and hide behind this Tea Party label to push their own hateful agenda. On the other hand, for many on this side the line between hateful racist thinking and their protectionist patriotic stance is not so clear cut. Some see the the profiling of immigrants, minorities, and certain religious groups, and the denial of their rights as a necessary evil that must be perpetuated in order to keep our country safe. I think that those who openly sided with the actor playing the discriminating restaurant clerk hold Attitude #1, although the actor has played the part so that his character has clearly crossed the line between discrimination into plain racism.
The second attitude (Attitude #2) is that America is a land of opportunity. It is a melting pot where people from all walks of life can come to try to make a better life for themselves. It is a land of religious freedom…...

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