My Beliefs, Values and Clinical Gestalt

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My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual’s and Systems
Jerra K. Roberts
University of Phoenix

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY: I certify that the attached paper, which was produced for the class identified above, is my original work and has not previously been submitted by me or by anyone else for any class. I further declare that I have cited all sources from which I used language, ideas and information, whether quoted verbatim or paraphrased, and that any and all assistance of any kind, which I received while producing this paper, has been acknowledged in the References section. This paper includes no trademarked material, logos, or images from the Internet, which I do not have written permission to include. I further agree that my name typed on the line below is intended to have, and shall have the same validity as my handwritten signature. Student's signature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature): ___Jerra K. Roberts
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My Beliefs, Values and Clinical Gestalt with Individual’s and Systems’ Clinicians working in the Human Service field have extremely challenging jobs. They must learn to balance their own beliefs with the client’s beliefs. This involves taking the clinicians’ personal values and experiences and putting them aside to determine what is the best treatment approach for the client. Recognizing my own identity will help me see how I fit in the community and with the clients who I interact with (Murphy & Dillon, 2011). People have multiple identities based on age, educational level, and socioeconomic class, and others (Murphy & Dillon, 2011). If I hold myself higher than the clients I help, then I will have a hard time connecting with them and showing an understanding of their issues. Understanding the identities of my clients as well as my own will only increase my…...

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