My Favorite Place

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Miranda Turvin
May 21, 2012
ENC 1102
Descriptive Essay

Working to find my inner peace, I go from place to place just looking for the solitude. A warm, comforting place that I may call my own. That place has been found and not many can claim it for it is mine. Out in the rolling country side of Fort Meade, Florida is a dream just unfolding. The Sunkist sunrise and sunset, the breath taking stars, and the calm, solitary squeeze against my being just makes it all the more better. On the outskirts of the Lilliputian town there is nothing more than the everlasting land where it’s hard to tell where the sky starts and where it stops. Nothing more than a relationship between nature and myself. Cool breezes drag the scent of pine trees and water through the air and the grass grows tall and dark green. Hawks, pigeons, and quails make beautiful music as their aria begins to sync. So the only sounds you can hear are the arias being sung and the wind blowing through my hair. The sunset glows of many pinks, yellows, lavenders, and blues as the day begins to kiss the land goodnight. The numerous birds flee to their nests as they begin to drift into slumber as the night is just beginning. The luminous moon rises to the center of the dark, velvet curtain. Its illumination kisses every tree, strand of grass, and the mist obscuring the few houses that scatter the land. Although the birds are nestled in their homes, the foxes, raccoons, and creatures of the night come out to find their next meal. No longer is there a breeze brushing my skin for it is now humidity that clenches me in its breath taking hold. Glancing up at the night, galaxies and constellations liter the velvet curtain, leaving a lasting impression. Shooting stars fly by and I send my wishes with them as the soar through the velvet sky. Never could you see a scene in the city as you do out here in the country…...

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