My Fear of Public Speaking

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Jun 7th 2012

The day that I have wished to never see is finally here. For the past two weeks I have been tormented at the thought of having to step in front of my peers and give a speech. Speaking in front of a crowd is my fear. I can just imagine it standing there, jabbering. Thinking about it makes me sweat and afraid. When my teacher announced that we have to present our essays, I was consumed with worry and dread ever since that day. I feel a nervous excitement at the thought; I won’t have to deal with it after today.
Seating at my desk, I fantasize about elaborate ways of escaping. Build a time machine and travel past the day of January 28th, second period or hypnotize Mrs. Smith my English teacher to forget me. Some of my anxiety is calmed as I fantasize, until I awake. Flung back into cold hard reality. I see David my class mate heading back to his seat. Oh how I envy him, I want to be him. Born and raised with his native tongue of English he has no problem speaking fluently, even in front of the class. Here I am the foreigner sitting in my first ever English class ready to explode. Mrs. Smith congratulates him on his paper. She then starts to look around. At this moment, I try to make myself look as small as mouse, avoid eye contact at all cost and imagine myself invisible. I’m busted. “Key RO Bell” Mrs. Stanly murders my beautiful name and I hate her for it. Not that I ever cared if people mispronounced my name but now it’s different. My heart is beating fast, as I nod in response. I can hear it loud in my ear. I looked to see if anyone else heard it. My neighbor, nope he looked to have worries of his own and no concern at the drums in my ear.
Now, up in front facing the class. I feel naked and exposed. As if everyone knows everything I have ever done in my life. Mrs. Stanly says “don’t be afraid, speak…...

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