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My Lack Of Restraint Between the years of 1990 and 2007 the National Center for Safety and Statistics estimates the number of lives saved by airbags during an automobile collision to be 23,334. Of those lives saved, 9,685 of these passengers were not wearing seatbelts during the accident. The same research also confirms that over the same time period 284 deaths were confirmed as airbag related fatalities.

I was sixteen years old when my father gave me first car, only two weeks after I had taken my driving test and received a driver’s license. Elated, I could care less that it was a massive and somewhat elderly vehicle (two years older than I was) so I spent the first few days washing and waxing it to perfection. Three weeks of freedom unfortunately was all I was given because of a severe oil leak that put an end to my beautiful 1983 Lincoln continental. Life for me was back to the basics which meant riding a bicycle and bumming a ride home from friends when necessary. Working five days a week after school and sometimes weekends, I was determined to buy myself a new vehicle and regain my independence. On a very cold January afternoon I was facing the task of trekking home through the cold weather and snow after school, as my mother had dropped me off in the morning and told me I would have to fair for myself to get home as she had an afternoon meeting. On my way out the front doors of school I noticed a familiar face, my friend Jenny, getting into the drivers seat of a brand new Chevy Monte Carlo. Apparently I was not the only one to recently receive a License to freedom and a vehicle in the same week. After congratulating jenny on her latest gift and drooling over the awesomeness of this sleek looking car, I popped the question; “would you mind giving me a ride home, if you’re not too busy?” Jenny was not busy that afternoon and was looking forward to…...

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