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ELI Ethical Lens Inventory

Rights and Responsibility

You use your reasoning skills (rationality) to determine your duties as well as the universal rules that each person should follow
Core Values: Autonomy and Rationality
You prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. Your primary concern is protecting individual rights. You believe this is the best way to assure that everyone in the community is treated fairly. You prioritize the value of rationality over sensibility. You believe universal rules exist that apply equally to everyone and that the best results are achieved through consistent application of the universal rules.
Classical Virtues: Temperance
You value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as you seek to satisfy your duties. You also know who you are, so you can act with integrity in the exercise of all the virtues.
Key Phrase: “I am responsible.”
Because you value autonomy and rationality, you tend to assume that your own definitions of what a responsible person should do apply to everyone. Determining What Is Ethical: Fulfilling duties
You define an ethical person as one who fulfills their duties and does the right thing as an autonomous, fully-responsible adult. For you, this is the fullest expression of fairness and justice.
Analytical Tool: Reason
Using your critical thinking skills is your preferred method for learning and problem-solving. You tend to think through a problem carefully and research options to find the one that will allow you to fulfill your duties. You focus on gathering and analyzing all the available data so you can make a fully informed decision.
Gift: Self-knowledge
Because you are concerned with figuring out your duties, when you are at your best you know yourself - you know both what you are doing and why. Because of this, when you say that you will…...

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