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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
As you answer the questions for this novel, cite textual evidence to support your responses.
Chapters 1-2
1. Why doesn’t Bruno understand the nature of his father’s job? Nobody ever explains his father’s job; they just say it is important and that the “Fury” has big things in mind for him (5).
2. How does Bruno’s mother feel about leaving the house in Berlin? Bruno’s mother is upset and sad about leaving the house in Berlin. Bruno realizes that she has a “strange laugh” and doesn’t “look happy” when talking about the move. While explaining to Bruno that they have no choice but leave, “Mother sighed and looked around the room as if she might never see it again” (5). Additionally, she tells Bruno, “We don’t have as much time to prepare as I would have liked, thanks to some people” (8), which Bruno recognizes as a reference to his father.
3. How does Bruno feel about his sister? Bruno thinks Gretel is a “hopeless Case” and would not care if she stayed behind in Berlin (10)
4. Why is Bruno reluctant to leave Berlin? Bruno does not want to leave Berlin because he loves his large, comfortable house, which is close to his grandparents and accessible to his three good friends.
5. How does Bruno react to his new house? Bruno does not like his new house. He thinks it is desolate and small and set in a place where there are no other houses. He also is sad there are no friends nearby (11). Bruno tells
Maria, “I think this was a bad idea” (13) in reference to the move.
6. How do Bruno and Maria react to the young soldier in the hall? Bruno takes an instant dislike to the young soldier, finding the man too serious. Maria seems awed by his presence, as she stands very straight and holds her hands in front of her without looking into his face and only…...

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