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Last year, when I was still living in India something terrible happened. In India everybody in high school has a motorcycle, in the US if a teenage driver gets pulled over by a cop for speeding twenty miles per hour above the speed limit or driving with out license might end up in jail. In India there are no speed limits in cities. If a teenager gets caught by a cop speeding or driving with out license, he can get off by buying a cop a coffee or giving him $10. For me a motorcycle was something more than two wheels and metal, it was freedom for me. According to me freedom is not asking some one for a ride to school or home or on long rides beside mountains racing friends. I finally asked my mother for a motorcycle.
Before I begin, I think it is important to give a little background on how I got to where I am today. As a teenager, I had a terrifying experience on a four-wheeler that led me to fear the falling off part. My cousin Sam, his girlfriend of the time, and I were riding on a four-wheeler. He decided to let her drive, and as she jerked forward attempting to take off, I fell backwards off the back. Hanging on by the bars, I could feel my head grazing the blacktop road. It caused a great deal of alarm, but I was a teenager so we continued on our way not telling anyone what had happened to avoid getting into trouble. Since then I started preferring motorcycles rather than…...

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